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Hier finden Sie aufgenommene Webinare mit Manuskripten ( Englisch)

In-ear-monitors are getting more and more popular. But many people are not aware of the consequences and requirements to use them successfully. This webinar explains some fundamentals, from how we hear, to the importance of stereo mixes with effects to maintan a 3D sound image and finally about rumours to use ambience mics to replace the "missing ambience" in IEMs. Total time with Q&A about 20 minutes.

Download the script for the video:

Webinar Script_InEarMonitor Webinar Script_InEarMonitor (475 KB)

Audio Demo - 3D vs 1D mix,  to get the idea, please listen with headphones or IEMs

Webinar1-audioMP3 Webinar1-audioMP3 (2717 KB)

Webinar1-audioDemoWAV Webinar1-audioDemoWAV (19420 KB)

The webinar covers:

  • the difference between a house mix and a IEM mix
  • understanding the musicians (different tech levels)
  • providing a guideline for your set up by showing and explaining examples
  • how to benefit from myMix "virtually unlimited" channel count

It is targeted for sound technicians and engineers as well as all everybody else administering the sound system.

Download the script for the video:

WebinarScript-signals to send for a personal monitor mix WebinarScript-signals to send for a personal monitor mix (1377 KB)

See how myMix Control can help you save change over time by saving and loading entire projects with all settings, or jump-start a new musician by editing or copying a mix remotely from your tablet. This webinar shows how you can maximize your myMix system with myMix Control. It is also a very handy addition to the myMix Control User Manual.

Download myMix Control User Manual

myMix Control manual myMix Control manual (790 KB)

This webinar was hosted by Mike Sessler from Church Tech Arts. Topics covered: differences between a main mix and a (in-ear) monitor mix, understandig the musicians, what channels to select ( 2 examples), get more choices by adding the myMix local inputs, improve communication using myMix as intercom, quick system overview. 20min.